Just Rememmber my advice for your safety 99% from PTCs site are scam so you must stay alert.!

  • Do not believe in dreams (even if sometimes they are beautiful)
  • Do not tell anyone your password
  • Never use the same password for all PTC, E-mail address, Alertpay, Paypal, etc
  • Nobody has the right to ask your password. Valid for PTC, Emails, Bank account ...! Only you need to know the password.
  • Use Password Generator for to make a strong password
  • Do not use Proxy Connection or shared network environments for to log or to give clicks. Many sites do not accept such a connection!
  • Preferably, use only personal PC to login or register in your accounts
  • 99% from PTCs sites are scam. Don`t register everyday when appear a new PTC
  • Before you register on a PTC, visit their forum
  • Any site, which has no forums possible will not pay you
  • No one will pay you more than $0.02 per e-mail or click, as standard member
  • Carefully for your money. Don`t Upgrade if that PTC has not a good reputation
  • "10 years subscription" - Not give us any guarantee that PTC will be online for 10 years, and I noticed that many of them disappear in less than 6 months. Be careful where you choose to invest money!
  • A valid proof of payment can be only a print screan with banking transaction performed. A print screan with details of the payment from PTC user account is unsustainable
  • 20-25 PTC sites can be enough
  • Read many forums about PTC sites
  • Read Scam Detector and PTC Scam List daily.
  • Internet is full of scammers. Be smart!

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